17 March 2015


Pendapat Anda?

U.S. Department of State

Press Statement

Jen Psaki
Department Spokesperson
Washington, DC
March 16, 2015

We are deeply concerned with the detention of opposition member of Parliament, Nurul Izzah.
The Malaysian Government’s recent investigations and charges of sedition against critics raise serious concerns about freedom of expression, rule of law, and the independence of the judicial system in Malaysia. To further restrict freedom of expression will only lead to further erosion of important pillars of Malaysia’s democratic system.
We encourage Malaysia to take steps to apply the rule of law fairly, transparently, and apolitically in order to promote confidence in Malaysia’s democracy, judiciary, and economy.

17 March 2015


Pendapat Anda?


The government arrests Nurul Izzah Anwar, the daughter of jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Malaysian politics are moving down a dark path. A month after the country’s highest court upheld the conviction of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on trumped-up charges of sodomy, police on Monday arrested Mr. Anwar’s daughter for violating the Sedition Act, a colonial-era law increasingly used to chill political debate.

Nurul Izzah Anwar’s apparent offense was to criticize the judiciary last week in Parliament, where she is opposition vice president. In addition to reading a statement from her father condemning his trial as a political conspiracy, Ms. Nurul Izzah condemned Malaysia’s Federal Court for “bowing to political masters” and being “partners in a crime that contributed to the death of a free judiciary.”

Western diplomats have also criticized her father’s prosecution. “The decision to prosecute Mr. Anwar, and his trial, have raised serious concerns regarding the rule of law and the independence of the courts,” the U.S. State Department said last month.

Mr. Anwar was convicted on similar sodomy charges in 1999, only to have the conviction overturned after six years in prison. This time his accuser met with senior government officials—including Prime Minister Najib Razak, then the deputy prime minister—days before the alleged incident, but judges blocked Mr. Anwar’s lawyers from questioning those involved.

Mr. Anwar is 67, so a five-year prison sentence and additional five-year ban from politics could end his career. His multireligious coalition won 53% of the popular vote in 2013 but never took power from the ruling United Malays National Organization (UMNO), which has controlled Malaysia during its nearly six decades since independence.

The persecution of the Anwar family is a further blot on UMNO’s reputation. Mr. Najib promised to repeal the Sedition Act in 2012 but has since used it against more than a dozen opposition politicians, academics and even cartoonists such as Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque, known as Zunar. In November he proposed strengthening the law with new provisions “to protect the sanctity of Islam and other religions.”

Creeping authoritarianism won’t slow UMNO’s rising unpopularity among young people, urbanites and ethnic minorities. Nor will it help Malaysia’s ties with the U.S., which are important for combating terrorism; Malaysian police arrested 19 Islamic State supporters plotting attacks around Kuala Lumpur last year. Nurul Izzah Anwar and Anwar Ibrahim should be released for their own sake and that of a democracy sliding into repression.

17 March 2015


Pendapat Anda?


This column has frequently covered Malaysia’s treatment of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, and the damage I believe it does not only to Anwar and his party but to Malaysia as a whole, by removing debate and competition from a country that would benefit from both. This article discussed a trial on sodomy charges, and this one the state appeal against his acquittal, which put him in jail (and triggering a lengthy response by the ruling UMNO party here). UMNO has told me I have bought into Anwar’s personality and ignored the legal issues (leaving aside the issue of whether it can possibly be right for homosexuality to be illegal anyway). Go ahead and explain, then, why Anwar’s daughter has just been arrested for a speech made in parliament which, under Malaysian law, should have been immune from prosecution.

On Monday Nurul Izzah Anwar, who as well as being Anwar’s daughter is vice president of the People’s Justice Party, was arrested following a speech criticising the state and judiciary in parliament, as well as for her participation in an opposition rally. The national police chief, Khalid Abu Bakar, made a statement saying she was detained partly for making “contemptuous remarks that those in the judiciary system had sold their souls to the devil.” Be that as it may, lawmakers have immunity over any remark they make in parliament. So how exactly is the legal system being respected with this arrest? I look forward to a further admonishment from UMNO representatives.

Human Rights Watch put out a statement swiftly, with Phil Robertson in the group’s Asian management saying: “Prime Minister Najib needs to recognise that every sedition arrest of an opposition political leader is another step towards the destruction of rights-respecting democracy in Malaysia, and bring this campaign of abuse to an end.” I completely agree, and Robertson’s comments touch on a broader point I have made repeatedly: this all damages Malaysia. Whether you like Anwar or not, as a person or a policymaker, it is hard to argue that Malaysia has not benefited from the introduction of credible opposition to Malaysian politics. Some of Najib’s better policies – such as streamlining of affirmative action policies towards native Malays which, while understandable, have sometimes been open to abuse and created a crutch for people that has made them uncompetitive in the region – have almost certainly come about in part because of an understanding of what the population was saying to him, and saying through the vehicle of the democratic process. Even if Umno/Barisan Nasional stays in power indefinitely, it is in Malaysia’s interests that there is a coherent and representative voice speaking against it. Malaysia’s international perception is increasingly and repeatedly being damaged by the sense that anyone who speaks up is put down.

Hopefully Nurul Izzah will be released and not charged – but if she is, it will be fascinating to see how Malaysia’s judiciary, supposedly independent of state interests, deals with a charge based on what was said in a situation in which she should have had immunity.

17 March 2015


Pendapat Anda?


Utusan Malaysia went into overdrive trying to discredit the people who attended the Kita Lawan rallies across the globe, but two attacks stand out. They targeted PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu. They also attacked Malaysian students in London.

The attack on Mohamad, better known as Mat Sabu, was politically motivated. Utusan questioned Mat Sabu’s motives for attending the March 7 rally in London, and stressed that PAS leaders had discouraged its members from attending the Kita Lawan rally.

Utusan failed to mention that Mat Sabu and party secretary-general Mustafa Ali were in England to solicit funds for rehousing the Kelantan flood victims. If Putrajaya respected the Kelantan oil royalty, PAS would not need to bring out the begging bowl.

Najib Abdul Razak is afraid that Umno Baru will be eliminated in the 14th general election (GE14). Now that Anwar Ibrahim is jailed, he is bent on destroying Pakatan and will capitalise on the infighting between the ulama and progressives in PAS.

In the second phase of the Utusan attack, the paper, again in collaboration with Umno Baru, tried to discredit and intimidate Malaysian students in London. Umno Baru outsources its bullying and scare-mongering to extremist NGOs. The same now happens in London.

The UK Perkasa pesident, who is based at Brunel University, said he was disappointed with the opposition for masterminding the event and trying to discredit the country, purely for political gain.

He criticised the Malaysians at London’s March 7 ‘Rise for Justice’ rally by saying they were devoid of identity, were unpatriotic, lacked dignity and had no self-esteem. He told them that they should show their disapproval of the government at the next general election.

Perhaps, the president of UK Perkasa is ignorant. First. Umno Baru cheats at elections. Re-delineation will create more seats for Umno Baru, and the Election Commission, like the Malaysian judiciary, is far from independent. Bersih’s eight election demands have not been met.

The UK Perkasa president is misguided, or naïve, or both. Malaysians at the Kita Lawan rally did not embarrass Malaysia, but Malaysian leaders have dragged the reputation of Malaysia through the mire. The following examples may educate UK Perkasa.

1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) is an abuse of taxpayer’s money. Najib Abdul Razak’s Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) is a bribe to the masses.

The self-styled First Lady of Malaysia’s (Flom) extravagance insults Malaysians, and Najib’s stepson, who was a junior HSBC London employee, allegedly spent multi-millions of dollars buying apartments in America; he makes the bonuses awarded in the 2008 banking scandal seem like chicken feed.

A blog-standard education?

Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s “best education system in the world” delivered the worst examination results last week. Is the UK Perkasa president a product of Muhyiddin’s education, in which students fail to use reason, logic and critical analysis? Elite Umno Baruputras, well-connected Malays and the VVIPs send their children to international schools and overseas to receive decent education. The ordinary rakyat get a bog-standard education.

The recent report into MH370 revealed that an air traffic control supervisor was asleep. Some years ago, a MAS Jumbo jet allegedly had 10 minutes of fuel left and made an emergency landing at Heathrow airport. Are Malaysians to be proud of the cost-cutting measures commonly practised by cronies of Umno Baru? Cost-cutting has caused the collapse of buildings and roads.

The gang-rape of an Indonesian maid, by policemen, brought shame on Malaysia. There are unprecedented numbers of ‘sudden-deaths’ of detainees in police custody. The home minister said it was best to “shoot first, ask questions later”.

Not far from Brunel University, allegations of corruption in the purchase of properties in Paddington involve the son of the head of the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda), Isa Samad.

Around the world, Malays in position of responsibility have heaped more shame on the country. A Tourism Malaysia director and his wife abused their children in Sweden. A military attaché allegedly attempted to rape a woman in New Zealand.

A husband forged the signature of the Malaysian Consul in Melbourne, to enable him and his postgraduate wife to extend their stay in Australia, so they can continue to operate their thriving restaurant business.

Perhaps, the most despicable of the UK Perkasa president’s criticism was his unjustified attack on the students of the ‘United Kingdom and Eire Law Students Union’ (Kesatuan Penuntut Undang-Undang Malaysia di United Kingdom dan Eire, KPUM).

In a scathing retaliation, JoFan Pang, the KPUM president, warned the UK Perkasa president, “If you have the guts, please just name me and not the union. I went there in a personal capacity, exercising my freedom, as a concerned Malaysian to speak my mind.

“There were only two students from KPUM at the event, which was held by Malaysian Progressives UK. Please at least give Jin Shern Chai and his friends some credit for the hard work organising it.

“The statement you made was unsubstantiated, misinformed and misrepresentative. At least make an informed statement,” he added.

The rakyat is aware that the government intimidates Malaysian students. Special Branch operatives snoop at talks. Others masquerade as mature students.

JoFan said, “And to the Special Branch, we are doing this not to lower the image of our country, but to show the world how much we love and care about this beautiful country we call home.

“We gather because it is our duty to speak up. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? We gather because we want a better Malaysia. And more so as students, because it is our future, that we are fighting for.”

JoFan is right. Students are Malaysia’s future. The stand they make today, will help shape the Malaysia of tomorrow.

13 March 2015


Pendapat Anda?


Official White House Response to Make the release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from prison a top priority for US policy toward Malaysia

Thank you for your petition.

The United States is deeply disappointed with Mr. Anwar’s conviction following a government appeal of the original verdict finding him not guilty. We have made this clear both through statements and in our interactions with the Government of Malaysia, and we will continue to do so.

The initial decision to prosecute Mr. Anwar, the decision to appeal the not guilty verdict, and the overturning of that verdict raise a number of serious concerns about the rule of law and the fairness of the judicial system in Malaysia. These concerns are compounded by the government’s intent to expand its sedition law, which Prime Minister Najib had pledged to repeal, to prosecute critics of the government.

The United States and Malaysia have built a strong “comprehensive partnership,” and we remain committed to expanding our cooperation on shared economic and security challenges affecting our countries’ interests in Asia and globally. At the same time, we have and will continue to urge the government to apply the rule of law fairly, transparently, and apolitically in order to promote confidence in Malaysia’s democracy, judiciary, and economy. History has shown that countries that uphold the human rights of all their citizens — regardless of their political affiliation, ethnicity, race, religion, or sexual orientation — are ultimately more prosperous and more stable.

12 March 2015


Pendapat Anda?


The US embassy in Kuala Lumpur today shed more light on the fraud committed in an anti-Anwar petition on the White House website, explaining that over 60,000 signatories were in fact from disposable emails.

In a Facebook posting, the US embassy said it was these type of entries that were zapped from the petition signatory list and it was not done arbitrarily.

“There is an erroneous assumption that the fraudulent signatures removed from The White House petition titled ‘Respecting the Sovereign Nation of Malaysia’ were the first 60,789 signatures on the petition.

“The White House did remove 60,789 signatures deemed to be fraudulent because a vast majority of those signatures originated from slipry.net.

“Other fraudulent signatures originated from trashmail, sharklasers, and mallinator – all disposable email services,” it said.

The US embassy added that the fraud occurred throughout the period of the petition.

Yesterday, the petition demanding the US not to interfere in the jailing of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, which had over 70,000 signatures, suddenly saw it being reduced to only around 12,000.

The petition, which was aggressively promoted by BN supporters on social media, was meant to counter another petition started by former US ambassador to Malaysia John Malott in support of Anwar.

Malott’s petition had asked the US to make the release of Anwar as a top priority of the US government.

Anwar was on Feb 10 sentenced to five years in prison for sodomy, a charge he claims is politically motivated.

The petition, titled ‘Make the release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from prison a top priority for US policy toward Malaysia’, was also aggressively promoted by Pakatan Rakyat supporters on social media.

This petition, too, was briefly removed for a fraud check but it was eventually cleared and restored. It has since hit over 113,000 signatures.

The White House petition platform allows netizens to collect signatures on particular issues and if it hits over 100,000 signatures within the stipulated time, it will be forwarded to the relevant US agencies which must respond to it.

Individuals interested in signing the petition must do so with a legitimate email.

12 March 2015


Pendapat Anda?


Seventy Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers have signed a motion to condemn the conduct of the five judges in the Sodomy II trial at the Federal Court, which was submitted to speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia this morning.

This eclipses the 63 MPs who signed a similar motion to condemn the three Court of Appeal judges for the same trial last year, which, however, was not allowed to be debated.

PKR parliamentary whip Johari Abdul submitted the motion with all the signatures today, and is awaiting a response from the speaker if the motion would be allowed to be debated.

The motion seeks to recommend that action be taken against the judges under the Judges Code of Ethics Act 2009.

“There are hidden reasons and a pre-emptive judgment was made on Anwar Ibrahim, which is one-sided,” the motion read.

Anwar was convicted of sodomising a former aide on Feb 10 and is currently serving a five-year prison sentence at the Sungai Buloh prison.

The motion was filed under Article 127 of the federal constitution, which states that only Parliament can condemn the actions of the judiciary.

11 March 2015


Pendapat Anda?

Assalamualaikum and well wishes to you,

Today is the 30th day Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim is imprisoned as Malaysia’s number 1 political prisoner.

The White House petition; “Make the Release of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim from Prison a Top Priority for US Policy Towards Malaysia” had successfully reached 100,000 sign-ups around 3am Kuala Lumpur time on the 11th March 2015.

On behalf of the March2Freedom movement and the family members of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and thanks to everyone who had signed this petition. I would also like to thank His Excellency John Mallot, Former US Ambassador to Malaysia, who had initiated this petition.

This petition is indeed one of the several efforts that we have and will be undertaking to ensure the successful release of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim. He is innocent and is a victim of a vicious political conspiracy, aimed at ending his political career and to weaken the voices of reform that has taken root in this country.

We will never surrender!

Nurul Nuha Anwar
11 Mac 2015

11 March 2015


Pendapat Anda?


How prophetic that in 2020, the ideals of a wealthy nation enjoying economic prosperity, social well-being and a world class education, will all be overshadowed by one major event; the release of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim from jail.

So, instead of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad being lauded for his vision of a self-sufficient industrialised nation, the irony is that there will be a celebration of Mahathir’s long-term foe being freed.

If our ministers are to be believed, we are already blessed with world class educational institutions. As for social well-being, our prime minister and his family’s socialite existence have made headlines around the world.

Umno Baru would like you to believe that Anwar’s incarceration was not politically motivated, but there are several signs of this being a political imprisonment.

First: Najib’s lack of imagination.

Mahathir was probably horrified when his successor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi released Anwar from prison. Najib was then given the mandate to rule, and replace the recalcitrant Abdullah.

Umno Baru’s wake-up call, after the 2008 elections, meant that Anwar (left) was a serious threat. Behind the scenes, the Putrajaya’s battle cry was probably, ‘Stop Anwar now, because he will stop us from ruling the nation and we will lose our power’.

Najib Abdul Razak and his team lack creativity and drive. Hence, another charge of sodomy was used to trap Anwar. Mahathir must have torn his hair out when his protégé merely copied the sodomy plan. Perhaps Najib believed that a tried and tested method was best.

All Najib had to do was to find a fall guy, and he was lucky. One of his special advisers introduced him to a university drop-out, and a plan was hatched. The rest is history.

Second: It takes two to tango.

The complainant Saiful Bukhari Azlan cannot decide if he was voluntarily or forcibly sodomised. He claimed that he carried a tube of KY jelly for less painful sex. So why go through the charade of being forcibly sodomised?

If he was a willing partner, why is he not charged as well? Cases like these dent public confidence in our legal system. It only confirms our suspicions that special laws exist for those who are well connected.

Third: Archaic laws in ultra-modern Malaysia.

Why do we still retain the archaic provision, under the Penal Code, which criminalises sodomy and oral sex? We have wasted money and time trying to find Anwar guilty, when there are more pressing issues facing the rakyat.

This archaic law is just another gadget in the Umno Baru tool box to be used against select individuals as and when required.

Fourth: Umno Baru took fright.

When Pakatan announced the ‘Kajang move’ one year ago, Putrajaya was shell-shocked. The implications were clear. Putrajaya would have been within Anwar’s grasp and Pakatan would have scored a moral victory, had it succeeded.

The ‘Kajang move’ would have been a good political strategy, otherwise why was Umno Baru frightened?

There were probably several high powered meetings to thwart Pakatan’s plans. In the end, the legal eagles provided the best solution. The Court of Appeal brought forward Anwar’s appeal, from the agreed hearing dates of April 7 and 10, to March 6 and 7.

They had to convict Anwar, before he could topple Umno Baru.

Fifth: Hijacking justice with repeated persecutions.

The Kuala Lumpur High Court’s January 2012 decision had found Anwar innocent of sodomy, but the Court of Appeal overturned this ruling and found Anwar guilty.

Why did the courts bring forward the appeal dates and not allow Anwar’s legal team ample time to prepare its submissions, refuse Karpal Singh an adjournment and not allow him the opportunity to obtain Anwar’s medical report? Karpal Singh only had seven days to prepare for the appeal. One is forced to wonder why Karpal Singh died so suddenly.

Sixth: Calling in favours.

Sentencing Anwar at a rushed appeal was insufficient. They had to destroy his political future, wear down the opposition coalition and punish them for their audacity. Umno Baru then called in favours from their sympathisers.

PAS’ Hadi Awang played his role, albeit crudely, but his delay tactics worked to antagonise the public against Pakatan. Hadi may fear women, but he fears Umno Baru more.

As we know, any Malay who cares to listen to Umno Baru is usually promised ‘the moon and the stars’, in instalments.

Anwar is the most vocal critic of the government’s corruption, human rights abuses and injustice. He brought three divergent parties together to form a credible opposition. Anwar is symbolic, because he represents the many freedoms which have been stolen by Umno Baru. Anwar was detained in a discriminatory manner, in a judiciary process that was unfair and politically motivated. His detention is purely for political reasons.

7 March 2015


Pendapat Anda?

The following information was released by Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA):

The Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA) today urged the Malaysian government to ensure that the “Kita Lawan” rally tomorrow (7 March 2015), organised by the opposition and civil society groups to express solidarity with opposition leader and former Deputy Prime MinisterAnwar Ibrahim, will be allowed to proceed peacefully. Anwar was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment on trumped up sodomy charges. The expression of support by the regional human rights group for the rally and the right of Malaysians’ to peaceful assembly came in response to the police’s warning that the rally was deemed “illegal” and that the organisers will be charged under the Peaceful Assembly Act.

“The right to freedom of peaceful assembly is the cornerstone of every democratic society for citizens to express their concerns on public affairs. The Dang Wangi police chief’s threat to charge organisers of tomorrow’s rally plainly demonstrates the police force’s ignorance on the rule of law, especially since the Court of Appeal had in April 2014 declared Article 9 of the Peaceful Assembly Act unconstitutional,” said Evelyn Balais-Serrano, the Executive Director of FORUM-ASIA.

On 10 February 2015, the Malaysian Federal Court upheld the conviction of Anwar Ibrahim on sodomy charges under the Penal Code. The decision of the Federal Court has been heavily criticised by local, regional and international human rights groups as “politically-motivated” and falling below basic international fair trial standards. There has since been a series of arrests and investigations under the Sedition Act and the Penal Code against those who have criticised the court’s decision and the lack of independence and impartiality of the Malaysian judicial system, increasing the already rising number of persecutions targeted against government critics in a wave of crackdown on freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly by the Malaysian government since the last couple of years.

“The Malaysian authorities must respect the right to peaceful assembly as it is guaranteed under Article 10 of the Federal Constitution. The organisers and demonstrators must not be arrested, charged or investigated for merely exercising their Constitutional and internationally-recognised right. We strongly urge the police to allow the rally to proceed peacefully, instead of making threats or taking actions to disrupt it,” stressed Balais-Serrano.


FORUM-ASIA is a Bangkok-based regional human rights group with 47 member organizations in 16 countries across Asia. FORUM-ASIA has offices in Bangkok, Jakarta and Geneva. FORUM-ASIA addresses key areas of human rights violations in the region, including freedoms of expressions, assembly and association, human rights defenders, and democratisation.

For further inquiries, please contact:

John Liu, South and East Asia Programme Manager,[email protected] +66 802828610

6 March 2015


Pendapat Anda?


Tomorrow’s mass rally in solidarity with jailed opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in Kuala Lumpur will be held simultaneously in 10 other locations worldwide, including the United States, Australia and Switzerland.

PKR Youth’s #KitaLawan movement today said the rallies would be held at the following locations at their respective local time:

Adelaide – South Australian Parliament House – 4pm;

Canberra – Australian Federal Parliament – 4pm;

Geneva – Palais Des Nation, United Nations – 10am;

London – Old Palace Yard – 11am;

Melbourne – State Library, Swanston St – 3pm;

New York – Washington Square Park – 1pm;

San Francisco – Layang-layang Restaurant, Milpitas – 4pm;

Shanghai – Fuzhou Rd, The Bund – 4pm;

Taipei – Liberty Square – 7pm; and

Washington DC – Washington Monument – 1pm.

The rally in Kuala Lumpur will begin at 3pm at three locations – Central Market, Masjid Jamek and PAS headquarters in Jalan Raja Laut before the march to Sogo.

The group today urged the public in these cities to gather at the respective locations to send a “clear message” to the Barisan Nasional government about the crisis of its leadership and of the credibility of the judiciary system.

It said yesterday that international observers would also be present at tomorrow’s mass rally, as well as a delegation of foreign observers from human rights organisations and the Malaysian Bar.

The rally is to push for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s resignation and to demand for the release of Anwar.

Anwar’s sodomy conviction and five-year jail sentence was upheld by the Federal Court on February 10. His supporters said it was a ploy to end his political career.

Lawyers have said the Peaceful Assembly Act cannot be used to criminalise rallies, based on a landmark ruling by the Court of Appeal last year that upheld the right to peaceful gatherings.

Lawyers have also warned that police seemed to be using a new “tactic” to nab demonstrators by using the Penal Code instead.

2 March 2015


Pendapat Anda?


Selain di Kuala Lumpur, himpunan solidariti terhadap pemenjaraan Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berhubung kes liwat pada 7 Mac ini, juga akan diadakan di beberapa buah negara.

Sekretariat #KitaLawan mengalu-alukan keprihatinan dan inisiatif rakyat Malaysia khususnya anak muda yang berada di luar negara, menganjur perhimpunan itu, sekurang-kurangnya di enam negara pada waktu tempatan.

Antara lokasi perhimpunan itu ialah Old Palace Yard, London – berdekatan dengan bangunan Parlimen United Kingdom; di depan Bangunan Parlimen Australia, di Canberra, di depan Parlimen South Australia, di Adelaide dan di Liberty Square di Taipei, Taiwan.

Perhimpunan di Old Palace dan Liberty Square masing-masing berlangsung pada jam 11 pagi dan 7 malam waktu tempatan.

Manakala di Canberra dan Adelaide berlangsung serentak jam 4 petang waktu tempatan.

“Mereka bersolidariti demi menyatakan bantahan terhadap pemenjaraan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sebagai tahanan politik serta menarik perhatian masyarakat antarabangsa mengenai (dakwaan) ketidakadilan, kezaliman, rasuah dan salah guna kuasa oleh pemerintah di Malaysia,” kata sekretariat itu dalam satu kenyataan.

Sekretariat itu juga memaklumkan perhimpunan itu bakal diadakan di beberapa bandar di Amerika Syarikat termasuk di New York; Jepun, New Zealand dan negara Eropah yang akan dimaklumkan melalui laman sosial facebok rasmi mereka kelak.

Pembentukan gabungan yang dinamakan “Kita Lawan” dibuat sebagai reaksi terhadap pemenjaraan Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Pada 14 Februari lalu, seramai 400 orang berhimpun di depan pusat membeli belah Sogo dan berjalan hingga ke Pudu Raya bagi menyatakan sokongan kepada Anwar yang juga ketua umum PKR.

Bagaimanapun, Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar memberi amaran supaya rakyat tidak mengadakan sebarang demonstrasi, namun gabungan itu tidak mengendahkannya.

Ekoran itu aktivis siswa Adam Adli, Penyelaras Jingga 13 Faris Musa dan Ketua AMK Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad ditahan di bawah Seksyen 143, Kanun Keseksaan Akta Himpunan Aman 2012.

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