1 November 2014


Pendapat Anda?

Hari Ashura adalah antara ” Hari-hari Allah”, yakni hari-hari yang dibesarkan dalam shariat kita. Kita disuruh berpuasa pada harinya, jika di zaman awal Islam suruhan puasa pada Hari Ashura adalah wajib, selepas diwajibkan puasa Ramadan, puasa Hari Ashura menjadi sunnah yang muakkadah.

Hari Ashura adalah hari yang sangat bersejarah, hari yang Allah takdirkan melepaskan orang-orang yang dikasihinya daripada kesusahan dan dimenangkan mereka’. Hari yang Saiyyidina Musa alaihi as salam selamat menyeberang Lautan Merah, hari Fira’aun mati lemas tenggelam.

Hari Saiyyidina Nuh melabuhkan bahteranya di tasa Jabal al-Juddi, hari saiyyidina Ibrahim terselamat dari bakaran api yang marak membakar, hari Saiyyidina Yunus dimuntahkan oleh ikan Hut. Hari taubat diterima, amalan kebajikan digandakan pahala, kebenaran insyaallah akan menang.

Hari ini juga adalah hari Saiyyidina Husein menemui kesyahidannya di Karbala. kata Imam Ibn Taimiyyah, antara hikmahnya ialah supaya pada hari besar ini, kita penuih syukur mengenangkan peristiwa2 besar dalam sejarah pejuang kebenaran yang memenangkan kebenaran, Hari ini kita bersabar di atas tragedi yang menimpa Saiyyidina Husein, cucu kesayangan Rasulullah sollallahu ‘alaihi wassallam. Syukur dan sabar sentiasa bergandingan.

Nampaknya episod DSAI pun meleret-leret sehingga menemui tarikh keramat ini, mashaallah , menemui Hari Ashura. Ianya adalah sempena yang baik. Saya optimis, walaupun mendengar belabagi telahan negatif dari sahabat2 dan rakan2.

DSAI, marilah kita sambut 10 muharram ini dengan penuh kesyukuran, kita angkat tangan ke langit dengan penuh tawaddu’ kepada Tuhan minta keberkatan, kita berjaga malam dalam peribadatan, kita berpuasa siangnya tanda kepatuhan.

DSAI seakan telah sampai di pinggir Laut Merah, seperti dalam kisah Saiyyidina Musa dikejar Fir’aun, ketika orang ramai mula gelisah, tentera musuh mengikut di belakang, sedang di hadapan lautan luas terbentang, Jangan gusar “Tuhan bersama kita”. Belahlah laut itu dengan kalimah Tuhan, insyaallah Fir’aun akan tenggelam.

Salam ta’zim , salam penuh kasih, salam perjuangan.
Semoga DSAI sentiasa di dalam Tilikan Kasih Tuhan

Nukilan Sdra Zaidi

31 October 2014


Pendapat Anda?


Elizabeth Evatt is Australia’s first woman Federal Court judge and the 81-year-old legal eagle is in Malaysia to observe Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy appeal.

However, she is puzzled as to why the sodomy law seems to be mainly applied on the opposition leader.

Speaking to reporters at the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya, Evatt, who is representing the International Commission of Jurists, said she noticed that not many people are charged with sodomy in Malaysia and most of the cases involved Anwar.

She also described the sodomy law as discriminatory and a violation of human rights.

“This is a relic of the British legal system which even it (Britain) had abolished,” she said.

Asked whether she observed any interference with regard to the proceedings, Evatt said there had been no such incidents thus far.

“I guess we will have to wait for the outcome,” she added.

Meanwhile, another international observer Danthong Breen said if the issues raised during the appeal have created reasonable doubt, then it warranted an acquittal.

“If doubt has been proven, that is enough to get an acquittal,” added the International Federation of Human Rights representative.

The two are among five international observers present at the Federal Court.

The others are International Bar Association’s Grainne Mellon, Centre for International Law’s Harry Roque, Centrist Asia Pacific Democracy International’s Fernando Penan and Interparliamentary Union, Lawasia and Australian Law Council, which is represented by Mark Trowell.

The Court of Appeal had overturned the March 7 High Court’s decision and convicted Anwar of sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

The appellate court also sentenced him to five years imprisonment.

Anwar has always maintained that the sodomy charge was fabricated by his political rivals, but the government has denied this.

31 October 2014


Pendapat Anda?

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31 October 2014


Pendapat Anda?

FOR 16 years Anwar Ibrahim, leader of Malaysia’s opposition, has battled dodgy charges of sodomy and corruption designed to keep him from power. One way or another, a court hearing which began on October 28th looks like the end of the road. As The Economist went to press Mr Anwar was reaching the conclusion of his final appeal against a five-year prison sentence, imposed in March, for allegedly having sex with a male aide (sodomy is illegal in Malaysia). It leaves Pakatan Rakyat, his three-party coalition, on shaky ground.

Mr Anwar has been here before. He was once the rising star of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), which has governed Malaysia since independence in 1957. But a bust-up with Mahathir Mohamad—the prime minister for over two decades—saw him dumped from the party in 1998 and convicted of sodomy soon after. That conviction (though not another for corruption) was quashed in 2004, after Mr Anwar had spent more than five years in jail. He has since fashioned the first serious challenge to UMNO rule.

The latest case looks just as fishy as the first and began in 2008. The charges were dismissed in 2012, but in March an appeal court overturned Mr Anwar’s acquittal. That came just weeks before a by-election that would probably have enabled Mr Anwar to become chief minister of Selangor, Malaysia’s richest state and a prime spot from which to challenge Najib Razak, the prime minister, at general elections in 2018. In the months leading up to his appeal, prosecutors have hounded opposition politicians with charges of sedition and defamation. One of Mr Anwar’s lawyers is among eight opposition politicians charged so far. So cynically political have sedition charges against Pakatan politicians appeared that Malaysia’s usually docile lawyers took to the streets in protest.

Mr Anwar’s conviction bars him from holding a political post for five years after his sentence is served. Going back to jail would thus probably end the political career of the 67-year-old, who as leader of Pakatan has enjoyed unprecedented success. Since 2008 the coalition has taken huge bites out of the dominance enjoyed by Barisan Nasional, the ruling alliance headed by UMNO. At the general election in 2013 Pakatan won just over half the popular vote. But under Malaysia’s first-past-the-post—and heavily gerrymandered—electoral system, it got less than a majority of the seats in Parliament.

For all its achievements, Pakatan is a fractious alliance. It groups Mr Anwar’s People’s Justice Party (PKR) with the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), a devout Muslim outfit, and the Democratic Action Party (DAP), a secular, ethnic-Chinese one. Until now Mr Anwar’s charisma—and his legal travails—have kept these parties together despite their differences. But the divisions have widened.

For much of this year the coalition squabbled in unseemly fashion over who should fill the plum post in Selangor, earmarked for Mr Anwar before his conviction rendered him ineligible. PAS leaders torpedoed a plan to install Mr Anwar’s wife, Wan Azizah, PKR’s president and a respected politician in her own right. The imperious way in which PKR had proposed this dynasticism raised hackles throughout Pakatan, although some say the Islamists’ main worry was the prospect that a woman—and a relatively liberal one to boot—might one day run the coalition. After a six-month stand-off and the intervention of the local sultan, the job of chief minister has gone to Azmin Ali, Ms Azizah’s deputy. But the “childish infighting” has dented Pakatan’s image among voters, says Bridget Welsh, an academic.

PAS, the smallest party in the opposition coalition, is also its weakest link. It is distracted by a struggle between progressive Muslims who predominate in its upper ranks and conservatives in its grass roots. The party is growing more illiberal, notably in a renewed push to toughen sharia law in the northern state of Kelantan, its heartland. Widespread criticism of the party’s spoiling role in the Selangor crisis has pushed PAS’s leader, Abdul Hadi Awang, closer to the conservatives, reckons Wan Saiful of IDEAS Malaysia, a think-tank. Government barons would love to lure PAS to their side.

Were he to remain free, Mr Anwar would continue to be the best person to ward off these threats. But he is no longer quite as crucial to the opposition as he once was. Though his coalition has made impressive gains, Mr Anwar has twice failed to lead it to outright victory. He can still raise a crowd. On October 27th Malaysia’s oldest university appeared to cut the electricity to parts of its campus in order to discourage students from attending a rally in his defence. But his story is less compelling to young Malaysians than it was to those who heeded his first calls for change in 1998. Another jail sentence would make a martyr of him; it would also give his party’s younger leaders a chance to shine.

In the PKR Mr Azmin is the most promising of them. He cut his teeth as Mr Anwar’s private secretary during his years in government and has proven a loyal deputy. But the capable 50-year-old can readily move out from his mentor’s shadow. Mr Azmin has greater experience than either Nurul Izzah Anwar, Mr Anwar’s impressive daughter, or Rafizi Ramli, a party strategist somewhat tarnished by the Selangor debacle. Healing the wounds in that state would help convince voters that Mr Azmin could run the country competently.

As for the prime minister, his people like to push the line that he is a moderniser doing away with his party’s thuggish ways. Certainly, it is hard to see how Mr Anwar’s case will benefit Mr Najib even if he thinks him deserving of punishment. He will want to see the back of a case that is damaging the country’s reputation abroad. But it all underscores how weak Mr Najib’s position has become.

With a general election still four years away, the prime minister faces a threat from within his own party, notably from conservative factions close to Dr Mahathir, who still pulls strings from the wings. Whispers abound that an effort to unseat Mr Najib is imminent. As always, the prime minister touts policies intended to get Malaysia’s economy motoring. He has never looked less capable of carrying them out.

The Economist


29 October 2014


Pendapat Anda?


Anwar dalam kampus

Anwar bin Ibrahim satu nama yang tidak perlu diperkenalkan lagi kepada khalayak ramai, kerana nama ini mewarnai kancah perjuangan Islam dan politik Malaysia sejak tahun 70an lagi. Saya mula mengenali Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) sejak zaman menuntut di Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM) sekitar tahun 80an.

Semasa di UPM saya aktif dalam Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam (PMI),  yang mana PMI adalah model Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (Abim) di dalam kampus. Orentasi dakwah dengan uslub usrah, tamrin dan bacaan al-makthurat menjadikan PMI anak Abim di kebanyakan kampus universiti. Ini adalah kerana organisasi Abim tidak dibenarkan wujud di alam kampus.

Sebaik sahaja saya menamatkan pengajian di UPM, saya tidak mengambil masa lama untuk terlibat aktif dengan Abim di negeri kelahiran saya, Kedah Darul Aman. Oleh kerana latar belakang saya yang terlibat secara langsung dengan Abim, dan DSAI antara pengasas Abim, maka saya selaku ahli Abim amat mengetahui perjuangan DSAI yang menjadi sinonim dengan gerakan ini.Seingat saya tidak pernah kami terlepas membincangkan isu yang berkaitan dengan DSAI sama ada dalam usrah, tamrin  dan perbincangan tertutup mahupun terbuka. Membicarakan isu DSAI adalah sebahagian daripada tarbiyah siasah yang menjadi model “political experiment” dalam kerajaan pada ketika itu.

Anwar dan ijtihad politik kepartian

Keterlibatan beliau dalam kerajaan kadang-kadang mendapat pujian, tidak kurang juga yang menyerang terutama daripada sahabat-sahabat Islam (khususnya PAS) ketika itu. Bagi kami komen, kritikan dan cercaan adalah asam garam kepada sesiapa yang terlibat dalam dakwah.

Tetapi untuk mempertahankan segala pendirian atau tindakan Anwar semasa dalam kerajaan amat sukar bagi kami. Biasanya orang-orang Abim yang menjadi ‘punching beg’ oleh sahabat PAS. Namum kami cuba mencari jawapan-jawapan yang ‘significant’ atau nas-nas yang ada untuk mempertahankan beliau.  Ada kalanya amat memenatkan, namun terus bersangka baik, dengan harapan ijtihad yang beliau buat  menyertai kerajaan adalah betul.

Tahun 1982 apabila bermula era intim DSAI dengan kerajaan dan khususnya dengan Umno menyebabkan pandangan masyarakat pada orang-orang Abim adalah sama seperti orang Umno. Pengaruh DSAI pada Abim amat sukar dikikis, bagi masyarakat, Anwar Ibrahim itu Abim dan Abim itu Anwar Ibrahim.

Walaupun beliau cuba menjarakkan dirinya dengan Abim, tetapi kehebatan beliau dan keunggulan Abim itu menyebabkan hubungan dan ikatan itu gagal dipisahkan hingga hari ini. Di kalangan orang-orang Umno, beliau juga dipanggil dengan gelaran ‘Pak Sheikh’. ‘Sheikh’ adalah ganti nama yang sering digunakan oleh ahli-ahli Abim untuk panggilan sesama mereka.

Anwar tersingkir daripada kerajaan

Hanya beberapa bulan sebelum peristiwa hitam September 1998, ketika belum ada pokok yang bergoyang daripada tiupan angin yang belum nampak dari arah mana datangnya. Saya menerima panggilan telefon daripada pimpinan kanan Abim pusat supaya bersiap siaga kerana DSAI akan di tangkap di bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri atau ISA.

Saya bingung, amat bingung, kusut pemikiran, kaku pergerakan, mana mungkin seorang yang berjawatan timbalan perdana menteri dan timbalan presiden Umno, orang nombor dua dalam kerajaan akan ditangkap di bawah ISA, pelbagai persoalan berbangkit yang belum ada jawapan menghantui pemikiran saya.

Saya diminta memaklumkan kepada Datuk Ustaz Fadzil Noor (presiden PAS) yang berada di Alor Setar dan pimpinan kanan Abim Kedah. Ini adalah arahan daripada Abim Pusat.

Tanpa melengahkan masa, saya yang dalam perjalanan untuk menguruskan  suatu urusan terus membuat pusingan ‘U’, untuk bertemu dengan Ustaz Nia’mat Yusof bersama seorang rakan pimpinan Abim. Hanya air mata sahaja membasahi pipi Ustaz Nia’mat selepas kami menyampaikan maklumat tersebut. Kunjungan ke rumah Ustaz Fadzil Noor tidak berhasil kerana dia berada di Kuala Lumpur.

Pelan tindakan seterusnya adalah menunggu ketibaan Ustaz Fadzil Noor di Lapangan Terbang Kepala Batas. Alor Setar. Pesawat terakhir di tengah malam yang membawa Ustaz Fadzil Noor tiba lebih kurang jam 11.50 malam.

Kak Jah nama panggilan untuk isteri Ustaz Fadzil Noor turut menunggu kepulangan suaminya hanya dititipkan beg untuk dibawa pulang. Kami berjanji pada Kak Jah menghantar Ustaz Fadzil ke rumah nanti. Kak Jah amat faham akan kesibukan suaminya dalam perjuangan.

Malam itu saya menjadi pemandu manakala Ustaz Nia’mat Yusof dan Ustaz Fadzil Noor menjadi penumpang mulia saya. Saat itu adalah detik yang amat bahagia bagi seorang petugas gerakan dakwah kerdil seperti saya. Perbincangan hanya dalam kereta, arahan Ustaz Fadzil Noor saya patuhi, hampir sejam saya hanya memandu kereta berpusing-pusing  sekitar bandar Alor Setar, sambil membincangkan maklumat yang diterima siang tadi.

Saya nampak Ustaz Fadzil membisu terlalu lama, saya tidak tahu sama ada itu gaya beliau, atau dia memikirkan sesuatu untuk memberikan reaksi pada kami berdua. Saya tak berani menyampuk walau sepatah, apatah lagi kedua-dua mereka adalah guru yang sering membimbing saya secara langsung.

Akhirnya dia bersuara “ Mat kita kena siap sedia, Dr.Mahathir pasti akan menangkap Anwar”, kenyataan itu menyebabkan sendi lutut saya semakin longgar. Saya mengharapkan jawapan yang positif daripada Ustaz Fadzil supaya boleh melegakan perasaan saya, namun beliau memberikan jawapan sejujurnya.

Perbincangan kami sekitar watak Dr Mahathir dan watak Anwar. Dr Mahathir akan buat apa yang dia hendak buat dan tidak takut pada risiko politik, Ustaz Fadzil  menerangkan watak Dr. Mahathir yang beliau kenali. Pesan Ustaz Fadzil pada kami berdua, kita mesti pertahankan Anwar dengan apa cara sekali pun.  Selepas itu saya hanya mendengar perbincangan tertutup dibuat beberapa kali di antara Ustaz Fadzil dan Anwar dengan dihadiri ramai kenalan Abim pusat.

Segala-galanya berubah, menjelang September 1998, ketika nama beliau sedang gah di persada antarabangsa, dengan gelaran menteri kewangan terbaik Malaysia yang turut diakui dunia ,di mana kemahuan untuk melakukan islah (perubahan) dalam pentadbiran kerajaan dengan pelbagai usaha dan dasar-dasar yang pro Islam khususnya dalam sistem pendidikan, sistem perbankkan Islam, dan dasar serta program yang mesra rakyat, selangkah lagi menuju puncak kuasa, namun ketentuan Allah SWT mengatasi segalanya.

Dia dipecat dan disingkirkan daripada tampuk kuasa dan parti dengan cara paling hina dan amat memilukan. Tuduhan dan fitnah liwat dilemparkan, tanpa segan silu media-media milik kerajaan memainkan peranan melebar luaskan lagi fitnah itu ke seluruh pelusuk negara.

Abim pembela Anwar nombor satu

Umno yang beliau julang selama 16 tahun mengaibkannya dengan memecat keahlian beliau selepas mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi Umno (MT). Suasana kacau bilau dalam negara dengan polimik politik benar-benar membingungkan minda rakyat jelata yang memandang tinggi padanya.

Antara percaya dengan tidak, melihat kewibawaan beliau yang sering membawa nilai-nilai keislaman dengan tuduhan liwat amat bertentangan sama sekali. Selaku mantan presiden Abim, pimpinan Abim dan seluruh ahli-ahlinya tidak dapat menerima fitnah jahat ini. Abim mesti membuat sesuatu kerana maruah DSAI yang terjejas sedikit sebanyak akan menjejaskan kredibiliti Abim juga.

Strategi Abim selanjutnya adalah membantu DSAI dengan menjadikan rangkaian Abim sebagai wadah membersihkan fitnah ini. Ucapan sulung beliau sebaik dipecat sempat dirakam dalam video, kami membuat salinan sekadar termampu dan disebarkan ke seluruh negara.

Tanpa menunggu masa yang panjang DSAI cepat memanfaatkan ruang dan peluang yang Abim berikan. Hajat DSAI menggempur kubu kuat Dr.Mahathir  di Kedah disampaikan melalui saudara Saifudin Nasution kepada saya. Beliau menyatakan hasrat DSAI  untuk mencari tempat ceramah di Baling atau Kubang Pasu. Selepas berkubu lama di rumah beliau di Damansara Utama.

Namun tidak ada siapa yang berani memberikan tempat kepada Anwar pada ketika itu. Beliau disingkirkan daripada kerajaan, bukan lagi timbalan perdana menteri yang berkuasa. Namun saya nekad DSAI mesti dibawa ke Kedah. Hanya Pondok Ustaz Nia’mat di Derang, Pokok Sena yang tidak ada kena mengena dengan kerajaan yang berani menawarkan premis buat beliau.

Keputusan itu saya buat sendiri tanpa merujuk kepada Ustaz Nia’mat, kerana saya tahu Ustaz Nia’mat pasti akan setuju. Perbincangan dengan rakan-rakan pimpinan memutuskan program ini atas Persatuan Ulama Kedah, yang mana Ustaz Abu Bakar Awang menjadi Yang Dipertua pada masa itu. Ustaz Abu Bakar Awang adalah kenalan rapat DSAI.

Kami mulakan publisiti program dengan menampal poster  ke seluruh daerah berdekatan dengan tempat program. Publisiti tambahan adalah daripada media massa TV yang turut memaklumkan kehadiran DSAI di luar Kuala Lumpur.

Pihak polis juga datang untuk melihat tempat program. Oleh kerana program dibuat pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) yang sah berdaftar, dan dibuat dalam kawasan tertutup iaitu dalam dewan, maka permit tidak diperlukan.

Belum pernah saya mengendalikan majlis sebesar itu dalam sejarah umur saya. Kehadiran mencecah puluhan ribu orang dalam tempat yang sangat terhad. Orang ramai terpaksa meletakkan kenderaan berkilometer jauhnya.

Mereka berjalan kaki semata-mata mendengar sendiri penjelasan DSAI mengenai salah laku fitnah liwat yang dituduh kepadanya. Saya yang menjadi pengarah program terpaksa mengurus perjalanan DSAI untuk masuk ke tempat program ini dari jalan belakang yang jarang dilalui orang ramai.

Terlalu ramai sahabat handai, rakan taulan yang datang memberikan sokongan kepada DSAI pada malam itu. Kasih sayang pada seorang tokoh pencetus kebangkitan umat tiada tolok bandingnya.

Kasih sayang seorang abang kepada adiknya

Begitu juga dengan Ustaz Fadzil Noor, walaupun beliau berbeza dalam kem parti politik, namun istiqamah memperjuangkan nasib DSAI pada saya amat luar biasa. Beliau pernah dikecam pimpinan PAS pada saat awal beliau membantu DSAI, namun jawapan politik Ustaz Fadzil menyebabkan pandangan negatif  kepada Anwar Ibrahim berjaya diredakan.

Bukan sekadar itu, malah Ustaz Fadzil berjaya menukar polimik yang kronik menjadi peluang terbaik untuk kejayaan gerakan dakwah di Malaysia. Saya tumpang bersyarah di pentas PAS atas kapasiti sebagai setiausaha Abim Kedah, jawatan rasmi pada masa itu. Pentas ini menjadi medan membetulkan persepsi orang ramai pada DSAI.

Walaupun sifat Abim yang ‘non-partisan’ tetapi amat sukar dibezakan bila bersyarah mengenai nasib rakyat dan apa yang menimpa DSAI. Saya terpaksa bercakap dengan nada parti politik mengkritik kerajaan dan perlakuan tidak adil mereka kepada DSAI.

Semasa DSAI dalam penjara, pelbagai versi kami terima. Sumber-sumber dalaman dan luaran menyebabkan perjuangan semakin manis. Penjara bukan noktah pada perjuangan. DSAI mengajar untuk berjuang walau dari dalam jeriji besi.

Semasa beliau dalam penjara, sempat saya menghadiahkan sebuah buku yang saya khatam bacaannya ‘Mencapai Maqam Siddiqun dan Rabbaniyyun’ karangan Sheikh Said Hawwa. Sebuah buku daripada syarah kitab Hikam (Sheikh Ibnu Atil’llah As-Sakandari) yang saya tekuni membaca dan merasai kelazatan ilmunya.

Saya hanya mampu menghantar kepada DSAI yang berada di dalam penjara Sungai Buluh pada ketika itu bersama sepucuk surat yang saya selitkan dalam buku tersebut. Surat daripada seorang adik kepada abangnya yang sedang menghadapi kesulitan di penjara. Hanya tawakal kepada Allah moga buku itu dapat sampai ke tangan beliau.

Menghadiahkan buku itu adalah nazar saya, apabila saya habis membaca maka saya akan menghadiahkan buku tersebut padanya. Alhamdulilllah, walaupun beliau tidak mengenali saya dengan dekat, namun hajat dan hasrat saya termakbul juga akhirnya.

Beliau membalas surat saya dengan mengungkapkan cacatan perjuangan bersama-sama rakan-rakan Abim Kedah. Nama-nama Ustaz Nia’mat Yusoff, Sheikh Azmi Hj Ahmad, Cikgu Ibrahim Yaakob, Ustaz Azizan Hamid diungkapkan dengan sorotan perjuangan mesti diteruskan walau di mana kita ditempatkan.

Anwar dan reformasi politik

Reformasi politik yang diketengahkan Anwar  sebelum beliau terhumban dalam penjara digenggam kemas. Pilhan raya 1999 adalah cacatan manis apabila Ustaz Fadzil Noor Berjaya di bawa ke Parlimen sekaligus menjadi ketua pembangkang.

Ramai pimpinan Abim dihantar untuk bertanding atas tiket PAS termasuk Ustaz Nia’mat Yusof yang bertanding di Dewan Undangan Negeri Tanjung Seri. Datuk Sheikh Azmi Ahmad bertanding diParlimen Kulim Bandar Baharu atas tiket Parti Keadilan Nasional pada masa itu. Saya terlibat secara langsung dalam rundingan  mencadangkan nama-nama pimpinan Abim Kedah bersama pimpinan Abim Pusat di rumah Ustaz Fadzil Noor.

Ketika penubuhan Parti Keadilan Nasional, Datuk Sheikh Azmi dilantik menjadi naib presiden di pusat merangkap pengerusi Perhubungan Keadilan Kedah. Beliau meletakkan jawatan 24 jam daripada jawatan Ketua Hakim Syarie Malaysia kerana tidak setuju dengan pentadbiran Dr Mahathir memecat Anwar Ibrahim.

Saya menjadi ‘budak suruhan’ Sheikh Azmi.. Pada awal  penubuhan beberapa bahagian Parti Keadilan di Kedah, saya bersama sahabat-sahabat Abim yang lain terlibat dengan aktif menubuhkannya, dengan meminta rakan-rakan Abim memegang jawatan atau menganggotai jawatankuasa penaja, atau menjadi ahli parti. Saya sendiri menjadi ahli di Bahagian Langkawi.

Pada 2008, ketika DSAI akan memimpin pilihan raya yang beliau tidak boleh bertanding, beberapa nama sahabat, dan pimpinan Abim diketengahkan. Saya turut dipinang menjadi calon ketika itu, Namun jawatan saya dalam Abim menyebabkan keputusan perlu dirujuk pada Majlis Syura Negeri.

Walaupun ada rundingan yang berlaku dengan DSAI untuk bertanding ketika itu, namun keputusan Majlis Syura Negeri menolak hasrat saya untuk bertanding. Saya terpaksa membuat rayuan pada pimpinan pusat yang lebih atas (macam mahkamah rayuan pula). Alhamdulillah permohonan saya diterima. Pimpinan pusat merestui hasrat saya dan memaklumkan pada pimpinan Kedah untuk membantu saya sedaya mungkin.

Anwar yang sebenarnya

Setelah bergelar ahli Parlimen dan ahli Majlis Pimpinan Pusat (MPP) parti, saya berkesempatan mendampingi DSAI secara lebih dekat. Masih banyak lagi yang perlu saya pelajari daripada beliau. Ketinggian pemikiran beliau dalam semua bidang  termasuk agama, politik, pentadbiran, kewangan, falsafah, siasah syari’yah, hubungan antarabangsa, bahasa, komunikasi, kebudayaan dan lain-lain. Menjadikan saya insan kerdil di sisinya.

Apa yang saya milik hanyalah kudrat tulang empat kerat bagi membantu beliau sedaya mungkin. Kita masih berhutang pada Anwar Ibrahim, demikian kata-kata Datuk Dr Siddiq Fadhil, presiden Wadah Pencerdasan Ummah pada satu majis anjuran Abim. Pada saya menjadi ahli Parlimen pun belum terbayar hutangnya yang mengagaskan perjuangan Abim dan fikrah murni Islam yang sedang kita nikmati hari ini.

Berhadapan dengan kes fitnah liwat siri I dan II, serta fitnah jahat video sex, sedikitpun tidak menggugat kepercayaan dan penghormatan saya pada DSAI. Saya amat yakin berdasarkan tarbiyyah dalam perjuangan Abim yang diasaskan oleh beliau bersama rakan-rakan pimpinan, hakikat perjuangan mesti menempuh mehnah, ujian dan tribulasi.

Kitab Ustaz Mustaffa Mashyur Mantan Murshidul Am Ikhwan Al-Muslimin mengenai ‘Tribulasi Perjuangan’ yang dijadikan teks usrah dahulu  masih relevan hingga kini. Allah SWT akan menempatkan kita pada posisi yang sesuai dengan tahap keimanan kita kepada Allah SWT. Prinsip agama  yang saya pegang menolak bulat-bulat fitnah jahat kepada beliau.

Pada Allah juga saya berserah, padaNya juga saya mohon pertolongan, kekuatan, ketabahan, kesabaran untuk menghadapi apa sahaja kemungkinan yang bakal berlaku pada perbicaraan nanti. Di hadapan kita ada bahtera negara Malaysia yang perlu dikemudi dengan keperibadian unggul, pemikiran tinggi, akhlak yang terpuji, kegigihan usaha, keyakinan diri dan memiliki integriti serta sejumlah ciri-ciri kepimpinan yang tiada tolok bandingnya untuk membawa Malaysia ke mercu kejayaan.

Siapa lagi yang perlu kita sokong dan kita tolong, kalau bukan insan  yang bernama Anwar bin Ibrahim.

29 October 2014


Pendapat Anda?


Gaps in DNA evidence were highlighted by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s defence counsel to the Federal Court today in their move to overturn his conviction of sodomising a former aide.

Co-counsel Sangeet Kaur Deo argued that the gap in the prosecution’s case lay in linking the DNA found in three items from the prison cell where Anwar was jailed with DNA found in the rectum of the complainant, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

The three items from the prison cell – a toothbrush, mineral water bottle and a “Good Morning” towel – were alleged to have been used by Anwar when he was held overnight after being arrested for investigations in July 2008.

“DNA in Saiful’s rectum and DNA in the three items matched. But whose DNA it was, they didn’t know so they called it ‘Male-Y’.”

The gap was proving that the “Male-Y” was indeed Anwar’s, she said, as there was no direct evidence to prove that Anwar had used the three items while in prison.

“The court should not rely on circumstantial evidence when contradicted by direct evidence.”

She said the lockup diary or police log book which recorded Anwar’s movements in the cell was detailed and even noted the time when Anwar was just leaning against the bars of the cell. Neither the book nor the witnesses stated that he had used the three items.

She highlighted the testimony of a lance corporal who said that he heard Anwar brushing his teeth. But in trial, he could not answer when asked if he actually witnessed the PKR leader doing so.

“Witness does not allude to having witnessing Anwar brushing teeth. (That) is an erroneous finding of fact.

“This is material. In fact, this is the link. We have a situation where witnesses were specifically asked what did you see and there was no answer. The prosecution cannot then rely on circumstantial evidence because witnesses were there.”

Sangeet said police obtained the three items to use as evidence “by trickery” and by detaining him further.

The trial judge initially agreed that the items were obtained unfairly but then later accepted them as evidence. Sangeet said the prosecution should not have cited the items as evidence later in the trial when the judge had already dismissed them.

She told the court about the manner in which Anwar was arrested, calling it an “ambush”, and added that there had been no warrant issued at the time of arrest.

Anwar was arrested by police commandos and the warrant of arrest was only issued at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters later, she told the court.

Because his arrest was without a warrant, and also in violation of procedures, Sangeet said the items obtained from the cell as evidence were unlawful.

Police procedures require detainees to be brought to the lockup by 6pm and not brought out again for the detention period.

But Anwar was put in the lock up at around 8pm and then taken to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for his DNA sample to be collected. He exercised his constitutional right not to comply with the sample collection, Sangeet said.

Earlier, co-counsel N. Surendran, who began his submissions yesterday on how the High Court and Court of Appeal failed to give weight to Anwar’s evidence from the dock, started wrapping up today by going through case laws to make his point.

Surendran said the Court of Appeal in its written judgements disregarded the explanation Anwar had given for making a statement from the dock. Anwar had explained why he needed to speak from the dock “not once but five times”.

In his statement from the dock, Anwar had said the the charge against him of sodomising his former aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, in 2008 was a political conspiracy.

But the High Court and the Court of Appeal had regarded the evidence from the dock as a “bare denial”, Surendran said, and failed to consider evidence given of a “pre-arranged plan” that supported Anwar’s claims of political conspiracy.

The federal court’s hearing began yesterday, with lead counsel Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram building a case to show that the complainant, Anwar’s former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, was not a credible witness.

The court said it may extend the two-day hearing to another day because of the volume of submissions to be made. The prosecution will also be making submissions before both sides make closing arguments.

The defence is also expected to submit on the DNA evidence used in the trial.

A five-member bench is hearing his appeal, led by Chief Justice Tun Arifin Zakaria. Others on the bench are Tan Sri Raus Sharif, Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Embong, Tan Sri Suriyadi Halim Omar and Datuk Ramly Ali.

Anwar, 67, was sentenced to five years’ jail by the Court of Appeal in March this year but obtained stay of execution pending the outcome of his appeal in the Federal Court. He is out on bail of RM10,000 in one surety.

In January 2012, the High Court, after a lengthy trial, acquitted Anwar of the charge after calling for his defence.
The prosecution also filed a cross-appeal to enhance the jail term which could be extended up to 20 years.

The opposition leader is alleged to have performed carnal intercourse on Saiful at an apartment in Damansara on June 26, 2008.

This is the second sodomy charge against him. The first was in 1998, after he was sacked from government. He was then accused of sodomising his former driver and acquitted by the Federal Court in 2004.

This time, Anwar’s political career could come to an end if the apex court upholds the Court of Appeal’s conviction and sustains the sentence.

Anwar’s defence team is led by retired federal court judge Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram. Besides Surendran, other lawyers in the team are Ramkarpal Singh, Sangeet Kaur Deo, Zaleha Al-Hayat, Latheefa Koya, R. Sivarasa and Eric Paulsen.

Gobind Singh Deo and prominent lawyer Tommy Thomas are also observing the case.

29 October 2014


Pendapat Anda?


The defence in Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy appeal at the Federal Court today said DNA evidence could not be accepted as the only proof of the opposition leader’s alleged crime against a former aide.

Co-counsel Ramkarpal Singh continued the second day of the defence’s submissions by telling the apex court that DNA samples were only part of corroborative evidence.

“(The) fallacy that is so easy to fall to is that there is too much reliance on DNA evidence. It is often forgotten that DNA evidence has to be part of corroborative evidence,” he said.

Anwar’s defence team has so far been building a case to show that the complainant, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, was not a credible witness by highlighting gaps and contradictions in his testimony, as well as in the items used by police investigators to obtain Anwar’s DNA.

“(These) are the corroborative evidence that needs to be taken into account by the court even if the DNA evidence is deemed satisfactory,” Ramkarpal said.

His co-counsel and sister, Sangeet Kaur Deo, had earlier submitted to the court that three items taken from Anwar’s prison cell were unlawfully obtained. The items were a toothbrush, plastic water bottle and a towel – allegedly used by Anwar when he was held overnight in the lockup.

There was also no proof, Sangeet had said, that Anwar had actually used the items.

Ramkarpal is submitting that the DNA found in Saiful’s rectum, although a match with DNA on the three items from the lockup, could not be accepted. The DNA on the lockup items have been tagged as belonging to a “Male-Y” and it was not conclusive that “Male-Y” was Anwar.

He said the DNA analysis by government chemist, Dr Seah Lay Hong, was unreliable.

When testifying at the trial, Seah did not provide notes, guidelines or documents to prove that her work was in accordance with international standards.

She had also been “evasive” when answering questions, Ramkarpal said, adding that the contradictions in her analysis rendered her analysis “unsafe”.

A five-member bench, led by Chief Justice Tun Arifin Zakaria, is hearing Anwar’s appeal.

Anwar, 67, was sentenced to five years’ jail by the Court of Appeal in March this year but has obtained stay of execution pending the outcome of his appeal in the Federal Court which will be heard today and tomorrow. He is out on bail of RM10,000 in one surety.

In January 2012, the High Court, after a lengthy trial, acquitted Anwar of the charge after calling for his defence.

?The prosecution has also filed a cross appeal to enhance the jail term which could be extended up to 20 years.

The opposition leader is alleged to have performed carnal intercourse on his former aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, at an apartment in Damansara on June 26, 2008. This is the second sodomy charge against him.

The first was in 1998, after he was sacked from government. He was then accused of sodomising his former driver and acquitted by the Federal Court in 2004.

This time, Anwar’s political career could come to an end if the apex court upholds the Court of Appeal ‘s conviction and sustains the sentence.

Anwar’s defence team of 14 lawyers is led by retired federal court judge Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram.

28 October 2014


Pendapat Anda?

28 October 2014


Pendapat Anda?

Stmt_Mayor Estrada

28 October 2014


Pendapat Anda?

Dear Anwar Ibrahim,

As someone who had the great pleasure to met both you and your wife at the 2006 Shakespeare World Congress in Brisbane, I am of course – as with so many of my fellow Australians – thinking of you more especially today, further to this appalling trumped up sodomy case that you have been charged with for such a long period.

For now, my very best and most heartfelt good wishes for your total exoneration, while we will do all that is possible to criticise and oppose any decision that goes against you, even if I am very hopeful about you being cleared of these charges.

In haste – albeit with my most fervent and total support,

Marcus Adamson,
Sydney, Australia

Menzahirkan sokongan dan harapan semoga DSAI yg dikasihi sentiasa dalam rahmat dan sejahtera.

Insyaallah, kita sentiasa bersama DSAI dalam hal2 yg makruf, kita terasa peritnya kegentiran yg DSAI terpaksa depani demi sebuah perjuangan, semoga dicatit akan sebagai amal kebajikan, dikira dengan ganjaran yg besar berpanjangan.

Yg kami dapat sertai ialah dgn solat dan munajat, memohon Allah untuk ketentuan yg terbaik, kesan yg paling mendalam untuk kebaikan DSAI, keluarga , dan ummah.

Aduhai gagahnya seorang pejuang
Rebahnya untuk bangun semula
Lelahnya tersorok di sebalik genggaman
Harapannya melingari ruang dan zaman
Semoga Tilikan Rahmat Tuhan pemberi rangsangan.

Tenanglah dalamannya ya Tuhan,
Syurgakan dadanya dgn kebersamaan-Mu
Teguhkan pendirian sebagai penyaksian
Yg kebenaran tidak luntur kerana lebatnya kepalsuan


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