17 July 2014


Pendapat Anda?

Shah Alam. 16/7/2014

17 July 2014


Pendapat Anda?

Speech by Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim at the Economic Agenda Forum & Iftar on July 16, 2014 at the Mentri Besar Selangor’s Official Residence

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10 July 2014


Pendapat Anda?

Keynote address by Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysian Opposition Leader and Selangor State Economic Advisor at the Royal Selangor Club, Kuala Lumpur on July 9th 2014

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27 March 2013


Pendapat Anda?

The Wall Street Journal

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—The founder of a new radio program aimed at airing voices challenging Malaysia’s ruling party blamed a cyberattack for disrupting her debut show.

The two-hour program, called Radio Free Malaysia, aired Monday on traditional radio airwaves and through Internet audio streaming. But the first hour of the Internet streaming audio couldn’t be heard because of a “denial-of-service” attack, in which an overwhelming number of communication requests forced the site to be shut down, said founder Clare Rewcastle Brown, a former BBC journalist. The radio distribution of the program went smoothly.

“These were well-coordinated attacks aimed at silencing us,” said Ms. Brown, who is based in London.

She accused supporters of Malaysia’s ruling coalition—the National Front—of being behind the disruption of her program.

She hosts a blog—the Sarawak Report—in Malaysia as well. It faced a similar cyberattack last week, she said. She believes that attack was sparked by National Front supporters upset by a antigovernment video posted elsewhere.

She said she hasn’t sought investigations into the incidents. The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, which regulates local media, declined to comment.

Ms. Brown launched her daily Radio Free Malaysia in the run-up to Malaysia’s general election, which must held by the end of June and is expected to be the most competitive in its history. James Chin, a fellow at Singapore’s Institute of Southeast Asian Studies doubts Radio Free Malaysia will affect the race. “A lot will depend on how many will actually tune in,” he said.

The National Front coalition, which has been in power since Malaysia gained independence from Britain in 1957, is frequently accused of heavy-handedness in its dealing with the few independent newspapers and TV stations in the Southeast Asian country.

Government-run or backed media outlets pump out the government’s positions while targeting opposition politicians, leaving little room for voices of dissent, critics say. Malaysia was ranked the 145th worst country on press freedom of 179 countries studied by Reporters Without Borders.

“There is a crisis of confidence definitely with print and certainly with TV,” said Masjaliza Hamzah, chief executive at the Center for Independent Journalism, a media advocacy group based in Kuala Lumpur.

Ms. Brown’s first show featured Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and Pan-Malaysian Islamist party’s leader Dzulkefly Ahmad.

“We will also be knocking on the doors of the National Front politicians to have them on the program,” Ms. Brown said.

Ms. Brown—who is married to Andrew Brown, the younger brother of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown—said her London base will keep her beyond the reach of Malaysian broadcast rules, which in turn will help her in getting out the views of opposing politicians and others.

Under current regulation, local radio channels are required to inform the information and broadcasting regulator of interviews in advance. Often the regulator bars broadcasting such interviews with political opposition members.

Malaysia’s constitution gives citizens the right to freedom of speech and expression, but imposes limits. Violations can be punished by several years in prison.

Malaysia’s current prime minister, British-educated Najib Razak, has initiated reforms to loosen up rules on the news media and the tightly controlled political system as he pitches himself as a moderate keen for a more open society. Last year, he got rid of laws that required annual licensing of print publications. “Definitely what he has done so far has not yet transformed media and how Malaysians want news,” said Ms. Masjaliza, the media advocate.

Ms. Brown earlier launched a radio program called Radio Free Sarawak, a Malaysian state on the island of Borneo. She was born in Sarawak, and the program focuses on environmental challenges faced by indigenous people there due to rapid deforestation.

Radio is popular in Malaysia. Malaysians topped the radio listener list in the Asian-Pacific region, tuning in for an average of 21 hours and 34 minutes a week in 2011, according to a survey by market researcher Nielson.

“My target audience is the rural people, who need an alternative medium to know what’s happening,” Ms. Brown said.

Radio Free Malaysia can be accessed via and broadcast daily on 1359kHz AM/MW from 9.00pm to 11.00pm.

21 November 2012


Pendapat Anda?

From : ABC.Net


Click: Listen to Tony Eastley’s full interview with Anwar Ibrahim

TONY EASTLEY: In Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim, leader of the largest opposition party, is so worried about corruption in the next general election, he’s passed a handwritten note to Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr asking for help.

He says Australia regularly calls for countries to conduct free and fair elections and that should apply to Malaysia and its ruling party, UMNO.

It comes at a delicate time for Australia as it seeks Malaysia’s help to process asylum seeker arrivals.

A Malaysian election is due to be held sometime next year but there’s widespread speculation the government will go early.

Sixty five-year-old Mr Anwar says he’s uncovered evidence and produced it in parliament which reveals fake voter registrations and a host of other anomalies.

I spoke by telephone to Mr Anwar in Kuala Lumpur last night.

Anwar Ibrahim, welcome to AM. You have fears that the election will be fraudulent and that it won’t reflect the will of the Malaysian people. What evidence do you have to back this?

ANWAR IBRAHIM: We have produced and submitted specific evidence based on the electoral role prepared by the election commission where we showed a few hundred thousand people who are ineligible to vote, not allowed to vote, or some who are not eligible, who are 12 years old or two years old, in the electoral list.

Yesterday the election commission in a private discussion with the members of parliament admitted they were at fault.

TONY EASTLEY: These voter inconsistencies you mention – false names, underage voters and ghost voters – who is behind this alleged rigging?

ANWAR IBRAHIM: Well election commission is supposed to be independent. But right now of course they, in their statement, in their public announcement, seem to represent the ruling UMNO party.

But one of the other major demands – there’s not one minute access to the mainstream media. So how can election commission consider this fair elections when the opposition has been denied even one minute of air time?

TONY EASTLEY: Why do you think the election commission is operating and doing what it is?

ANWAR IBRAHIM: Well they are political appointees and they are, many of them we have actually produced evidence they’re even card carrying members of the ruling party, which runs contrary to the requirements of the law of the commission.

TONY EASTLEY: What can Australia do to ensure a free and fair election?

ANWAR IBRAHIM: Well in my note to Minister Bob Carr and my discussions earlier with Kevin Rudd I said look, you talk about free elections in Afghanistan and Iraq – why are we rather muted when it comes to free, fair elections in Malaysia?

I’m not asking you to intervene beyond that. Why are you now talking about the need for free elections in Burma and not saying anything about neighbouring countries?

TONY EASTLEY: Why do you think that is?

ANWAR IBRAHIM: (Laughs) I’m not probing the immigration or (inaudible) subject. But…

TONY EASTLEY: You are no doubt aware that Australia is or has been negotiating with Malaysia over a regional asylum seeker policy. Relations are at a tense or critical point aren’t they?

ANWAR IBRAHIM: Yeah, yeah. And my explanation in my full conversations with Minister Bob Carr I say look, why do we raise? Because the only explanation given by the minister of home affairs in this country is we are in the midst of finalising an agreement. And nothing – no detail, information or agreement has been given to Malaysians. I mean, so I say we have every reason to question this regimen.

TONY EASTLEY: Malaysia’s de facto opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

12 October 2012


Pendapat Anda?


Press Conference Dr. Anwar Ibrahim

Beddy Ebnou presentation is in French, as well as the intervention of Ambassador Pierre Lafrance.
As for the main intervention, of Dr. Anwar Ibrahim, it is in English:

11 September 2012


Pendapat Anda?

28 August 2012


Pendapat Anda?

13 July 2012


Pendapat Anda?

30 May 2012


Pendapat Anda?

‘Kopivosian Tadau Ka’amatan’

Kumaa montok tompinai ngawi, tulun momogun hinombo nopo, momason oku doh ‘Kotobian Tadau Kokotuan’. Iti noh tadau doh rumamai-ramai tokou ngawi, sampaganakan om sangkawalaian. Nga kada lihuai, momusorou doh menubak om momogirot doh pisompuruan. Gisom doh sogigisom.

Untuk Pesta Ka’amatan ini (30 Mei-31 Mei), saya ingin merakamkan ucapan selamat menyambut hari Ka’amatan kepada semua saudara dan adik-adik saya di Sabah, terutama masyarakat Kadazan, Dusun dan Murut.

Walaupun, sebilangan besar orang-orang Kadazan, Dusun dan Murut kekal dalam bidang pertanian, ramai telah meneroka industri perkapalan, seperti minyak dan gas dan perkhidmatan awam, namun, nilai dan simbol Pesta Ka’amatan tetap sama. Membawa rakyat bersama-sama untuk menunjukkan penghargaan “penuaian” melimpah-ruah dalam hidup dan kesinambungan budaya.

Pesta Ka’amatan perlu diiktiraf dan diraikan bukan sahaja sebagai acara setempat di Sabah, tapi acara Malaysia. adalah pusat kepada misi yang lebih besar bukan sahaja melindungi kepelbagaian tetapi untuk meraikannya. Sabah, menjadi negeri kedua terbesar di Malaysia, merupakan ahli penting kepada Persekutuan Malaysia.

Kuat dan penuh dengan potensi, kekayaan yang melimpah ruah adalah sumber utama Sabah, namun terus dinafikan hak tersebut kepada rakyatnya. Yang perlu diubah harus di realisasikan. Perubahan adalah apa yang Pakatan Rakyat juangkan demi Sabah. Kami bersuara dan berjuang untuk dasar-dasar ini: Menyelesaikan pertikaian tanah yang sekian lama; memberi Sabah 20% daripada pendapatan semua minyak dan gas; menginstitusikan kembali hak wilayah di Blok L dan M yang mempunyai minyak dan gas deposit; menubuhkan Suruhanjaya Diraja untuk menyiasat pendatang tanpa izin dan Borneonisasi perkhidmatan awam.

Kami berhasrat untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan ini apabila diberikan kuasa kelak.

Pakatan Rakyat tidak melihat Sabah sebagai deposit tetap bagi sesiapa; Sabah adalah lebih penting daripada sekadar undi. Ia haruslah ditentukan sendiri oleh rakyatnya.

Perubahan adalah apa yang Pakatan Rakyat juarai, dan yang pasti, demi pembebasan Sabah.

Sabah, bagi kami, merupakan rakan kongsi yang sama tarafnya dalam Persekutuan Malaysia.

Di masa hadapan, kami ingin melihat rakyat Sabah akan membentuk negeri mereka disamping membantu persekutuan yang lebih luas untuk menjadi lebih bersatu dan gagah.

Inilah semangat sebenar federalisme di Malaysia apabila ia dibentuk pada tahun 1963.

Hak negeri haruslah dilindungi dan dijamin, seperti termaktub dalam Perlembagaan kita.

Sabah tidak perlu lagi untuk menjadi orang kedua dalam politik Malaysia, terutama dalam perkara yang menjejaskan hak mereka.

Kita sedang menuju perubahan, dan ini adalah apa yang kita ikrarkan.

Saya ingin menyimpulkan dengan menyeru bahawa semua Pesta Ka’amatan di seluruh Sabah diadakan dalam semangat yang besar dan meraikan kepelbagaian. Diharapkan kepada mereka yang masih dalam perjalanan, selamat sampai ke halaman rumah masing-masing. Marilah bersama-sama menyertai kami dalam Pakatan Rakyat dalam merealisasikan sebuah negara Malaysia yang adil dan saksama.

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan.
=== (more…)

28 May 2012


Pendapat Anda?

Video Dari Malaysiakini

The Malaysian Insider

Kumpulan Indian Rights Action Force (Indraf 2.0) hari ini berhimpun bagi menyuarakan sokongan terhadap kepimpinan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) memandangkan pilihan raya umum semakin hampir.

Himpunan tersebut yang turut dihadiri pemimpin tertinggi PR seperti Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, itu juga memperlihatkan kepimpinan PR cuba untuk meraih sokongan pengundi India ekoran penganalisis dan pemerhati politik sebelum ini menyatakan sokongan komuniti tersebut telah kembali kepada Barisan Nasional (BN) ekoran transformasi yang dilaksanakan pentadbiran Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Himpunan di Girl Guides Hall yang bermula jam 3 petang di Brickfields di sini dan dijangka berakhir jam 8 malam ini turut melihatkan kehadiran Lim Kit Siang, Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah Anwar, serta kepimpinan tertinggi PR yang lain.

Menurut penganalisis politik tanah air, polisi-polisi Najib yang dilihat lebih baik berbanding polisi yang diamalkan perdana menteri sebelum ini telah berjaya meraih kembali sokongan pengundi India selepas sokongan mereka berpindah kepada pembangkang pada 2008.

Mengulas berkenaan perhimpunan tersebut, Naib Presiden PKR, Nurul Izzah Anwar dalam kenyataannya kepada The Malaysian Insider berkata, “PR akan merombak semula polisi ekonomi dalam Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB) bagi memenuhi kehendak dan keperluan masyarakat India di negara ini.”

Jelas Izzah lagi, Indraf turut menyerahkan memorandum sokongan terhadap PR, yang mana bertujuan untuk mengubah pentadbiran negara ini dan membebaskan pentadbiran daripada belenggu politik perkauman.

“Indraf menyerahkan memorandum kepada kami dengan harapan kepimpinan negara perlu diubah bagi mengelakkan politik perkauman,” katanya lagi.

Sementara itu, Timbalan Ketua Menteri (II) Pulau Pinang Dr P. Ramasamy yang hadir dalam perhimpunan tersebut melihat sokongan rakyat India kepada PR semakin kukuh dan turut menepis dakwaan media BN yang menyatakan masyarakat India sudah kembali menyokong mereka.

“Itu mainan media BN. Saya yakin masyarakat India menyokong penuh kepimpinan PR.

“55 tahun memerintah BN tak mampu menyelesaikan masalah masyarakat India seperti — masalah berkaitan kad kelahiran, kad pengenalan, masalah mendapatkan biasiswa dalam pendidikan, dan masalah dalam meningkatkan ekonomi masyarakat India.” tambahnya kepada The Malaysian Insider.

Beliau yakin segala masalah komuniti India di negara ini akan beroleh penyelasaian melalui kepimpinan PR dan masyarakat India menolak untuk menyokong MIC atau mana-mana parti yang mewakili masyarakat India selain PR.

“Kami sudah tidak percayakan mana-mana parti India lagi temasuk MIC. Kami letakkan kepercayaan penuh kepada Pakatan untuk membantu masyarakat India,” katanya dan menambah “Indraf akan bergabung dengan Pakatan dalam pilihan raya akan datang.”

Perhimpunan Indraf 2.0 hari ini menyaksikan kehadiran hampir 2,000 peserta daripada seluruh negara adalah projek NGO Suara Masyarakat India Malaysia yang diketuai oleh Timbalan Ketua Menteri (II) Pulau Pinang Dr P. Ramasamy, Presiden National Interlok Action Team, Datuk Thasleem Ibrahim dan bekas tahanan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) V. Ganabatiraodan R. Kengadharan.

Sepanjang perhimpunan tersebut berlangsung, turut kelihatan anggota polis di sekitar kawasan Brickfield bagi mengawal keadaan lalulintas.

28 April 2012


Pendapat Anda?

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