[PRESS STATEMENT] Trial of Jamaat Islami Leaders: Stop Persecution

9 February 2013


Pendapat Anda?

We note with great concern the trial in Bangladesh of seven leaders of the Islamic group (Jamaat-e-Islami) on politically motivated charges and conducted in a manner that contravenes international standards for a just and fair trial.

In this regard, we condemn the injustice being perpetrated and call on the Bangladeshi government to stop this farcical trial and allow due process to prevail.

The requirements of justice, the rule of law and a fair trial warrant that the suspects be accorded full rights and facilities to defend themselves and not be subjected to a process which is fundamentally flawed.

The safeguards and protection given to all persons under the constitution must be followed in letter and in spirit. This would apply equally to members of the opposition who should not be persecuted because of political differences We therefore urge the authorities to take immediate action to put things right.


Pendapat Anda

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