Blocking Repatriation of Wanted Conman – Follow Due Process

31 January 2013


Pendapat Anda?

The claim by Philippine Interior Secretary Mar Roxas that Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman has blocked the repatriation of the Philippine’s most wanted conman is most shocking and we demand an explanation.

The conman known as Manuel Karingal Amalilio is also said to be Musa’s nephew and going by the name of Mohammad Sufian Said. This is not a petty issue as he is alleged to have cheated over 15,000 people of 12 billion pesos or about RM900 million! Musa must come clean on these allegations. Remaining silent is not an option.
Meanwhile, the Malaysian police must act in accordance with the law and must not be seen to be taking orders from political masters. The idea that our law enforcers are party to any act or conspiracy to harbour criminals is absolutely repugnant and scandalous.
I urge the Inspector General of Police to take immediate action to heed Manila’s request and help bring the suspect to justice. Due process must be observed and Amalilio must be given a fair trial.

Anwar Ibrahim

Pendapat Anda

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