Congratulations to President Barack Obama on Landslide Victory

8 November 2012


Pendapat Anda?

I would like to congratulate President Barack Hussein Obama on his impressive re-election as the President of the United States of America. I applaud the American people for making this historic decision, backing a leader who reflects cultural and religious diversity. This decisive victory will indeed be celebrated by all nations and peoples who cherish freedom, justice and democracy.

In this regard, I urge President Obama to fulfil the pledges made some four years ago in his momentous Cairo speech particularly to the Muslim world. And as he himself has said, that he would fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.

To fulfil his promise of not turning his back on the Palestinian aspiration for dignity and a state of their own, President Obama must do more to work towards a long term resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He should also continue to pursue a policy of diplomacy and engagement with Iran for the peace and security of the Middle East.

As for the Arab Spring which has swept the region, I urge President Obama to decisively put an end to the policy of ambivalence that was so pronounced during the Bush era. America must not repeat the errors of consorting with autocrats and dictators as it did in the Middle East.

Freedom, democracy and justice are not aspirations confined to the Middle East but universal aspirations, which are desired equally in Southeast Asia.


Pendapat Anda

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