Pendedahan Penglibatan Cawangan Khas Dalam Skandal Video Lucah

3 May 2011


Pendapat Anda?

From Malaysiakini

PKR zeroed in on federal police headquarters Bukit Aman today that it said is involved in a series of talks to spread ‘lies’ and ‘slander’ against Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in PAS-led Kelantan.

In a press conference at the party headquarters in Tropicana, Petaling Jaya, PKR deputy president Mohd Azmin Ali reiterated PKR’s accusation that a senior police officer at the national level was playing “political agent” for Umno.

According to Azmin, the talks – entitled ‘Seminar Isu-Isu Keselamatan Negara Masa Kini’ – were organised in Bachok and other areas in the state and were directed at school principals and teachers.

As many as 2,000 principals and teachers are said to have attended the talks.

Azmin said one of the main speakers is a senior police officer with the rank of SAC, Abdul Rahman Ismail, and is the chief assistant director in the research and secretariat unit in Bukit Aman.
Azmin, who is also member of parliament for Gombak, said the party has evidence to back up its claims.

By engaging with the public in such a manner, Azmin said Abdul Rahman had become one of the BN-government’s “slander agents to talk about sex and sodomy issues”.

“He claimed Anwar is guily in the case of sodomy and sex video issue,” claimed Azmin, who described the alleged police involvement in the talks as an abuse of the police force by Umno.

Last Friday, vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar had said she received complaints that a senior police official – erroneously named as ‘Isa Abdul Rahman’ from Bukit Aman – had given talks to teachers in several schools in Kelantan for the past month to discredit

“This officer from Bukit Aman” has been telling teachers that Anwar is a threat to national security and that he is actually the one in the sex video screened to journalists at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur on March 21, Nurul Izzah said she was told.

Fellow vice-president Tian Chua also accused the police of “dancing to the tune of the ruling parties”, saying he personally has received complaints that Malay party workers have been pulled aside for “friendly advice” from the police.

“My election workers have been pulled aside and given a lecture by the police, saying that ‘it’s true that Anwar is the man in the video’ and that they have ‘inside information’.

“It’s not isolated but widespread. Many of our Malay party members have been targeted to be given this sort of ‘advice’ that Anwar truly is the actor. Such talk has been experienced by many PKR members,” he said.

Pendapat Anda

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