[PRESS RELEASE] Meeting with His Excellency, Luc Vandebon the EU Ambassador

25 January 2013


Pendapat Anda?

We welcome the visit by His Excellency Luc Vandebon, the European Union Ambassador and his team. Since 2010, the EU has had seven rounds of negotiations with the Malaysian government. The process has slowed down in the run up to the general elections but it is meant to resume after the general election.

Their presentation today to the Pakatan Rakyat leaders and Members of Parliament was informative. They raised various economic issues that are of importance to the EU and we will take these views and positions into consideration.
Malaysia is a trading nation and effective measures need to be adopted to enhance trade and investment. Thus, we will direct the Pakatan Rakyat Economic Secretariat to urgently look into the matter. We will engage with our industry sectors for their feedback. Our general philosophy on the matter is to adopt the principle of free trade with fairness and a level playing field.

We are glad to hear that the EU is fully supportive of ASEAN integration. We agree that the various bilateral FTAs with our friends in ASEAN can be positive building blocks towards the EU-ASEAN FTA. We are also delighted to hear that the EU stands ready to work with any democratically elected government and that it plans to resume the negotiation process immediately after the general election.


Pendapat Anda

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