[PRESS STATEMENT] Condemning The Latest Insult Towards Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

4 January 2013


Pendapat Anda?

We deplore in the strongest terms the latest act of sacrilege against Islam by the publication in France of a comic book on the life of the Prophet Muhammad which is clearly aimed at provoking Muslims and causing unrest. This must be strongly condemned by world leaders.

The portrayal of the image of the Prophet is forbidden in Islam let alone caricaturing him in any way. This is blasphemy and highly offensive to Muslims. A clear line must be drawn between freedom of expression and hate crimes. This is yet another instance of the rise of Islamophobia in France and other parts of Europe.

The French government must act swiftly to hold to account the culprits responsible for this latest act of profanity.


Pendapat Anda

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