Makkal Sakti President To Be Booted Out

4 January 2010


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From Malaysia Kini

By K Pragalath

Barely two months after the launching of the Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP), its president RS Thanentiran is facing ouster following a split in ranks.

Secretary-general R Kannan today confirmed that the party’s 27-member central committee (CC) would be booting out the founder president at a meeting slated to be held this Saturday.

“The party’s CC has agreed to dismiss him for tarnishing the party’s good name,” he said when contacted.

Thanenthiran (photo), the former Hindraf national coordinator, is facing party censure for declaring the CC meeting held on Dec 19 last year as null and void.

In an email to Malaysiakini later, Kannan also affirmed that the CC’s motion to appoint Thanentiran as party advisor has been suspended.

Last week, the CC members had gone to Thanenthiran’s house to deliver a letter calling on him to step down.

They have since filed a multi million ringgit suit after being on the receiving end of Thanenthiran’s allegedly slanderous remarks during the visit.

‘End of the tunnel’

Meanwhile, MMSP deputy president A Vathemurthy today dismissed Thanenthiran’s aspiration to increase the party membership to 300,000 from the current 57,000.

“He is at the end of the tunnel and trying to grip on to anything to ensure his relevance. He wants Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s support. It is an attempt for publicity,” he added.

Thanenthiran was unreachable for comment as he is currently in India on a pilgrimage trip. He is due to be back on Jan 17.

Signs of the party’s internal rifts have been prominent two months after the party’s launch by the prime minister last year as members raised questions on the party’s expenditure.

Pendapat Anda

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