Bombshell 3: Najib’s brother met me, says Bala

21 November 2009


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From Malaysia Today

Private investigator P. Balasubramaniam has named architect Nazim Abdul Razak as the Malay Datuk who met him at the Curve in Damansara on the night of July 3 last year.

In an interview with three prominent lawyers, Bala says Nazim, the younger brother of the Prime Minister, was with his TV3 celebrity wife when they met outside the Volkswagen showroom.

“He was Datuk Nazim Razak, the younger brother of Najib. He was there with his pregnant wife. Although I did not speak to her, I recognised her as being a TV personality. I think she was the host on the Nona programme,” Bala was quoted as saying.

Bala claimed the meeting was arranged by carpet businessman Deepak Jaikishan, said to be an associate of Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor.

In an earlier report of the interview, Bala was quoted as saying the Datuk had told him to follow Deepak’s instructions if he loved his family.

To date, Bala revealed in the interview, Deepak had paid him a total of RM750,000 to cover his expenses after fleeing Malaysia.

He also said he had come out of the closet so that the harassment against him would stop.

Excepts of the interview published on www.malaysiatoday-net :

Q 69. How long had you known ASP Suresh before this incident?

A. I have known him for about 10 years. I met him when he was a senior Investigation Officer at the IPK Kuala Lumpur. I was a private investigator then. ASP Suresh used to ask me to assist him in obtaining fast traces and details on mobile phones as I had contacts in the phone companies and was able to get the information required faster than the police who had to go through official channels.

At one stage I was working for ASP Suresh as a bouncer at his pub in Jalan Imbi.

He had been suspended from his duties as a police officer sometime in 2006 as he was being investigated for corruption by the ACA.

Q 70. Had you met Deepak before this incident?

A. No. But I had done some PI work for his brother Dinesh in the past. I knew Deepak was Dinesh’s brother.

Q 71. You have said that you met a Malay VIP Datuk outside the Volkswagen showroom at The Curve on the night of July 3rd 2008. Who was this gentleman?

A. He was Datuk Nazim Razak, the younger brother of Najib. He was there with his pregnant wife. Although I did not speak to her, I recognised her as being a TV personality. I think she was the host on the ‘Nona’ programme.

Deepak was the one who brought them there to meet me.

That is why ASP Suresh did not want us to meet in a place where there would have been a CCTV camera.

Q 72. When you were in the Hilton Hotel at KL Sentral with Deepak, Dinesh and ASP and after you had signed the 2nd statutory declaration, was there anything said to you which you consider to be significant?

A. Yes there were two things which Deepak told me.

He informed me that Rosmah was very happy with me for retracting my 1st statutory declaration and wanted to have breakfast with me.

When I enquired from Deepak how long I was expected to leave the country for, he informed me it would be until Najib became the next Prime Minister and that I could return after that.

Q 73. When did you contact your lawyer Americk Sidhu?

A. I called him in the middle of July 2009. I was still in India then. I wanted to arrange a meeting with him to inform him what had happened to me and to apologise for all the trouble I had caused. Americk was in the UK when I called him so we arranged to meet in Kuala Lumpur when he returned at the beginning of August.

Q 74. Did you meet him?

A. Yes. We met in early August. At the meeting were two other senior lawyers who Americk had arranged to be present. I told them everything that had happened to me from the time I left Americk’s office in the evening of the 3rd July 2008.

Q 75. Did you realise that this meeting had been secretly videoed?

A. I did not realise I was being filmed. I was however subsequently informed that a recording had been made and this video is safekeeping. I understand this was done to protect me in the event something untoward happened to me again.

Q 76. How did you manage to survive financially all the time you were away?

A. Deepak arranged intermittent payments to be made to me. Some payments were made to my wife directly into her account with the EON Bank in KL.

Other payments were made to ASP Suresh who then arranged payment to me directly or through a friend of mine in Malaysia.

I have copies of some of the cheques issued by Deepak Jaikishan and from his company Carpet Raya Sdn Bhd.

I also have copies of my wife’s bank statements showing the deposits which were made.

I also have copies of my HSBC account in Chennai.

Q 77. How much money did you receive from Deepak from the time you left Malaysia in July 2008 till now?

A. All together approximately RM750,000.00.

Q 78. Do you have any money left?

A. Yes, I have invested approximately RM250,000.00 for my future as I am not sure what will happen to me.

I also spent some money on renovations to my house in Rawang as my wife and youngest child were there. These renovations were in respect of the security of my home only.

The rest of the money was spent on renting accommodation in Chennai, paying for my children’s schooling and for daily expenses.

Q 79. Didn’t Deepak promise you RM5 million?

A. The negotiations were all conducted by ASP Suresh at the Bak Kut Teh stall in Rawang on the night of the 3rd July 2008. I was not involved in these negotiations as I was not concerned about money but the safety of my family.

I have subsequently come to realise that ASP Suresh had a vested interest in all this as I know he has received about the same amount of money from Deepak as I have. His job was to keep me under control. This is why he is annoyed with me for not following his instructions because his income from Deepak would be affected.

Q 80. Why did you wait so long before revealing all this?

A. When I was at the Hilton Hotel at KL Sentral, I had asked Deepak how long I would have to stay out of the country. He told me it would have to be until Najib became the Prime Minister.

I could not return to Malaysia before February 2009 as one Kumar had my passport in his possession in India for 5 months.

I only got my passport back after I complained to Deepak when he visited me in India with ASP Suresh. Deepak called his brother Rajesh to find out what had happened to my passport and within 2 days Kumar asked me to pick it up from him.

I was at this time in India illegally as my visa had expired on the 5th September 2008.

In order to get my visa extended I had to seek assistance from my wife’s uncle the exco member who managed to get it extended for 1 year. Only after this was I able to travel back to Malaysia.

Q 81. What happened when you arrived back in Malaysia in February 2009?

A. When I landed in KL, I called Dinesh to inform him I was back in Malaysia. I was summoned to Deepaks office in Sungai Besi at 11.45 pm the same night and was told in no uncertain terms to leave the country immediately, but I stayed a little longer as I wanted to be with my children and my wife. They didn’t know I had not left immediately.

Q 82. Why did you come back to Malaysia in April 2009?

A. Just to see my wife and children. This time I did not tell anyone I was back and so I was not harassed.

Q 83. Why have you now decided to reveal everything?

A. Because I want to stop all harassments and so that I can return to my normal life.

Q 84. Were the contents of your 1st statutory declaration true?

A. Yes.

Q 85. Were you forced to sign the 1st statutory declaration under duress?

A. Absolutely not. (See the video here: Was PI intimidated or induced?)

Q 86. Were you forced to sign the 2nd statutory declaration under duress?

A. Yes, because I was fearful for the safety of my family and I did not read the contents of the 2nd statutory declaration before I was asked to sign it.

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